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  • What are some of the common ways surgery can result in a Norfolk medical malpractice lawsuit?

    There are many reasons people have surgery—to relieve pain, improve a body function, reduce a symptom, or to discover a problem. Whether the procedure is considered minor or major, the team of healthcare professionals involved should take it very seriously. A successful surgical procedure takes a full team of providers performing at a high level of professionalism.

    Unfortunately, there are times when a surgeon or other healthcare worker acts in a negligent manner. This can result in a surgical error that causes great harm to the patient. Surgery is one of the most common causes for medical malpractice in Virginia. There are many different causes for surgical errors, the most common being:

    • Miscommunication – Staff members may misidentify a patient or mark the wrong site for surgery. In addition, errors can occur when a surgeon is misinformed, misreads drug dosages, or misreads patient drug sensitivities and allergies.
    • Fatigue – Surgeons and other medical professionals work long hours. This can cause fatigue and exhaustion, which can lead to impaired judgment and errors.
    • Neglect – Failing to sterilize instruments or using defective surgical instruments can lead to infection, septic shock, and other serious conditions that may result in harm to the patient.
    • Improper planning – Before a surgical procedure, medical staff should take a complete patient medical history including prior health conditions, drug sensitivities, and allergies in order to assess surgical risks.


    To get the compensation you deserve from your medical malpractice case, contact an experienced Norfolk medical malpractice attorney at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today for a free case evaluation.

  • I understand that there are different degrees of road rash associated with Virginia motorcycle crashes. Can you explain these, and what should I do if I’m in an accident?

    A sad reality of riding a motorcycle in Virginia is that you must deal with erratic drivers on the road. These drivers are often the cause of motorcycle accidents in Norfolk. If you’re a motorcycle rider and have the unfortunate luck of being the victim of an accident, you will likely sustain injuries, including road rash.

    Road rash is when skin comes in contact with the pavement, asphalt, dirt or gravel and causing damage to the skin. As you can imagine, this can be very painful and difficult to treat.

    A road rash injury can be categorized into three degrees of severity:

    • First degree – A first degree road rash injury is when the first layer of skin in visibly red. First degree road rash does not typically need any emergency medical treatment. It is important to clean the area with water and mild soap. A topical antibiotic ointment may also be applied to aid in healing and alleviating discomfort. A first degree rash will most likely heal on its own with no visible scarring.
    • Second degree When the outermost layer of skin breaks from road rash, it is considered to be second degree. As with a first degree road rash injury, it will most likely heal on its own. Typically, there will be no scarring or permanent damage. But again, it is important to clean and treat the affected area.
    • Third degree –The third, and most severe, degree of road rash occurs when the skin is peeled away, leaving underlying tissue exposed. It is extremely important to get medical care as soon as possible. This type of road rash commonly requires the victim to undergo skin grafts or reconstructive surgery.


    To get the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident, contact a skilled Norfolk motorcycle accident attorney at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today for a FREE legal consultation.

  • I was recently involved in an auto accident in Norfolk. What evidence will I need to build a strong case for my settlement?

    It is important that a victim of a Norfolk auto accident collect and organize all pertinent information that will get the victim the compensation that is deserved. Not having key pieces of evidence can hinder your case, and potentially cause you to not get fair compensation. Unfortunately, many accident victims are unaware of what they will need to support their case. By the time they realize what they need, it may be too late.

    After being involved in an accident you will need key pieces of evidence in order to best present your case, such as:

    • Pictures – Take photos of the scene of the accident directly after the accident. Pictures are hard to dispute and can help prove who was at fault of the accident.
    • Witness statements – Gather anyone at the scene who might have been an eyewitness of the accident. Obtain a written statement form them and let them know you might be contacting them in the future. Be sure to get their contact information.
    • Medical records – Your medical records will come into play when trying to reach an amount for the settlement. These records can be anything from an ambulance ride, to multiple doctor visits, to at-home care.


    To get the compensation you deserve after an accident, contact a Norfolk car accident lawyer at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 to schedule a free and confidential legal consultation. We’re here to explain your rights and will work diligently to obtain fair and just compensation.

  • I’m a Virginia taxpayer and have just been notified that I’m getting audited by the IRS. Do you have any tips that may help me during the audit?

    If you are like many other Americans, you pay your taxes on time and honestly every year and never expect that you will be audited by the IRS. The fact is that many people can and will be audited at some point during their working years. It seems like the audit happens at the worst time. It can be a stressful period of time.


    If you are audited, it is your duty to prove to the IRS that you have properly filed your taxes. This is usually done by providing the IRS with documentation to back your tax statement. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind during an audit.


    Some tips to keep in mind during an IRS audit are:

    • Know your rights – Take the time to read through IRS information such as the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. You may also want to speak with a Norfolk tax attorney to discuss your situation.
    • Prepare – Go through your documents to check for completion. If you are missing receipts or other documents, you are allowed to reconstruct the missing records.
    • Don’t give too much info – Do not give the auditor more information than they are entitled to. Don’t give answers unless you are directly asked. Do not give copies of other years’ tax returns to the auditor.
    • Delay – Try to postpone the audit when possible. This can work in your favor. Requesting more time will allow you to get your records together or any other items you will need time to prepare.


    Do not try to go through an audit on your own. There are many pitfalls and the codes can be very confusing. It will be beneficial for you to contact an experienced Virginia tax attorney at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today for a free case evaluation.

  • What should I look for when searching for a Norfolk tax attorney?

    An attorney can be used for almost any aspect of your life. Especially in today’s society where it seems as if the simplest contract has become pages of complex legal speak. And when it comes to taxes, this is especially true. Tax law is complex and seems to only get more complex as time goes on.

    When you are searching for an attorney, it is important to be sure that the attorney practices in the field you are looking for. You may encounter attorneys who will be willing to take on any case regardless of the situation. As a client, you should be very wary of an attorney who does this.

    As you are looking for a tax attorney in Virginia it is important to know what to look for. Three attributes you should be sure that your attorney has are:

    • Knowledge – One of the most important things your attorney should have is a knowledge of the tax law. An attorney may be able to practice tax law but that does not mean they know details of it.
    • Experience – A tax attorney should have experience with other similar tax situations as what you are dealing in. The attorney will not be able to fully use the knowledge they have if they do not have experience.
    • Trust – You will be discussing and handing over information to your attorney that may be very personal. You will also be putting a lot of faith in your attorney that they will do what is right for you. You want to be sure that you have the trust in your attorney that you need to feel secure.


    For an attorney that has these attributes, contact a Norfolk tax attorney at Tavss and Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today for a free legal consultation.

  • I’m getting married soon and need to create a prenuptial agreement. What are the benefits of using a Virginia family law attorney for a prenuptial agreement?

    Divorce rates in America are extremely high. Because so many marriages end in divorce, this institution must be looked at from a different perspective than the past.

    Before beginning a prenuptial agreement is it important to talk with your spouse and be sure to be on the same page. This can save you heartache now and in the future.

    Once you are both on the same page it is time to begin the process of creating a prenuptial agreement. Some couples try to do this on their own without the help of an attorney. The benefits of using a Norfolk family law attorney to create a prenuptial agreement include:

    • Knowledge – It is important to understand the process and laws when creating a prenuptial agreement. Using a knowledgeable attorney for your prenuptial agreement will ensure the prenup is created the way it should be.
    • Experience – The attorney you use should have experience with prenuptial agreements. They will be able to use their experience to resolve any issues that may arise during the process.
    • Negotiation skills – Most do not realize it but negotiations do play a role in the creation of a prenuptial agreement. They will negotiate and ensure that you have the best deal possible.
    • Answers – There are sure to be many questions and concerns during the process of creating a prenuptial agreement. Your attorney will be able to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease.

    Begin your claim by contacting a Virginia family law attorney at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today for a free legal consultation.

  • Do I need a Norfolk criminal law attorney if my case is under investigation and no charges have been filed?

    It is common for someone being accused of a crime to put off contacting an attorney, especially if that person feels he is innocent. An experienced Virginia criminal law attorney will understand the laws and will know how to navigate the tedious and overwhelming process of building a strong defense. Whether you are accused of a violent crime, sexual offense, drug possession or trafficking, or a white-collar crime, a skilled attorney can help you.

    People often think that the time to hire an attorney is after charges have been filed for a criminal case. This is not true. In fact, a Virginia criminal law attorney can be very beneficial to the defendant in the early stages of the investigation.

    Three reasons you should hire an attorney before any charges are filed a criminal offense are:

    • Education – An experienced attorney will educate you on what lies ahead. He will make sure you understand the process of the investigation, and will explain what to expect should your case go to trial.
    • Gather Evidence – Many times law enforcement agencies will not give you the benefit of the doubt. They may make mistakes or not be thorough. Your attorney will be able to gather evidence and obtain key witnesses to support your defense.
    • Negotiate – Using the evidence that was gathered, your attorney will negotiate with the prosecutors and police before charges are filed, and will try to persuade them not to file any charges.


    If you have been accused of a criminal offense it is critical that you contact a knowledgeable Norfolk criminal law attorney at Tavss Fletcher immediately. Call 757-625-1214 today to schedule a free case evaluation.

  • I am a victim of medical malpractice and would like to file a claim. What should I look for when seeking a medical malpractice attorney in Virginia?

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    If you have been suffering from medical malpractice, you have firsthand knowledge of the stress, pain, and hardship it can cause. It can be a long, difficult, and emotional road to recovery. Add into the mix a malpractice claim, and you may very quickly feel overwhelmed. It is important to know that some of this hardship can be taken off your shoulders with the help of a Norfolk medical malpractice lawyer. 

    When searching for a medical malpractice attorney, you need to be patient and find the right fit for your situation. You will find that there are many attorneys to choose from, yet there are few that will get you the compensation you deserve. 

    When choosing an attorney for your claim, you should consider:

    • History – Look for an attorney who is experienced in the field of medical malpractice claims. When talking to a lawyer, let them know that you would like to know their history and past settlements.
    • Success rate – An attorney who is experienced in a certain field should have a high success rate with trials and claims. Ask to be informed of the law firm’s success rate. 
    • Knowledge – Your attorney should be extremely knowledgeable with medical malpractice claims. All your reasonable questions should be answered with no problem.
    • Comfort – Going through such a trying time can be difficult. You should feel comfortable with letting your attorney take the lead and trust him to do so. 

    All of these characteristics can be found in a Norfolk medical malpractice lawyer at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today to speak with an experienced attorney and receive a free consultation. 

  • In order to lower the risk of a Virginia motorcycle accident, what are some of the ways I can make myself more visible to passenger vehicles?

    Motorcycle riding is a great mode of transportation. It is a great way to save on gas, lower payments on a vehicle, and enjoy the great outdoors. But it is important to understand that many drivers of passenger vehicles have little respect for motorcycle riders. Their negligence is often the cause of Norfolk motorcycle accidents. 

    Because of this, it is important to take precautions on your end to lower the odds of being hit by a vehicle. One of the things a rider can do to help prevent a Virginia motorcycle accident is to be as visible as possible. 

    Some of the ways you can maximize your visibility to passenger vehicles while riding a motorcycle are:

    • Wear bright colors – There is a wide range of riding gear that features bright, visible colors for the rider. Bright colors stand out much more and will catch the eye of other drivers.
    • Use lights – Your motorcycle should be set to have your headlights come on every time the motor is running. Even during the daytime, the headlight should be used. Also, be sure to use your turn signals every time a turn or lane switch is made.
    • Stay out of blind spots – Motorcycles are much smaller than cars, making them harder to see in a driver’s blind spot. When riding with other traffic, be sure to not ride next to the vehicle, if at all possible. 

    If you have been involved in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced Virginia motorcycle crash lawyer at Tavss Fletcher can get you the compensation you deserve. Call 757-625-1214 today for a free consultation.