How can I help my attorney in my premises liability case?

Helping Your Premises Liability CaseRetaining an experienced premises liability attorney is essential if you want to obtain the compensation that you deserve from the negligent property or business owner that caused your injuries. However, your work is not done once you have researched and selected your lawyer. You are on a team, and there are things that you can do to make it easier for your lawyer to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

Ways You Can Help Your Attorney Strengthen Your Case

The actions that you take—or do not take—will have a direct bearing on how strong a case you have against the negligent party that caused your injuries. Here are some of the ways that you can do your part to help your attorney help you:

  • Be honest. You need to be honest with your attorney and not hide information from him—even if you think it will hurt your claim. Anything you tell your attorney is protected by attorney-client privilege. Your attorney can develop strategies to handle facts that may be used by the insurance company to deny or reduce your claim—but only if he knows about them. He will be at a serious disadvantage if he discovers the damaging information from the other party’s insurance adjuster.
  • Follow-up medical care. Because you are trying to obtain compensation for your injuries, your medical treatment is important to the strength of your claim. When you go to all of your doctor appointments and follow your doctor’s advice, this helps your case. Doing this avoids some arguments about how serious your injuries are.
  • Stay off social media. You avoid the problem of the insurance company finding postings that suggest that you are less injured than you claim if you stay off social media while your claim is pending. At a minimum, do not say or post anything about the accident or your injuries.
  • Provide information promptly. When your attorney requests documents and other information, he needs it to move your case along toward settlement. Help him do this by providing the information as soon as possible.
  • Follow your attorney’s advice. One of the best ways to help your attorney is to follow his advice. He has years of experience handling cases like yours and is only asking you to do things that will make your case stronger.

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