Proving a Norfolk Slip and Fall Accident Case Caused by Falling Merchandise

Falling Merchandise ClaimsHow to Hold the Negligent Business Responsible for Compensating You in a Falling Merchandise Slip and Fall Accident Claim

At Tavss Fletcher, we help victims of Norfolk and Virginia Beach slip and fall accidents recover the damages they deserve for their injuries. Our experienced Norfolk personal injury lawyers are here to help you prove all the elements of a slip and fall accident claim caused by falling merchandise so that you receive the maximum compensation in your settlement.

A simple trip to a store in Norfolk or Virginia Beach can quickly turn into a nightmare if falling merchandise causes you to suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident. Falling merchandise accidents can result in severe injuries or, even worse, death. You must prove your case to recover the compensation you deserve under Virginia law.

Causes of Falling Merchandise Slip and Fall Accidents in Norfolk

Falling merchandise slip and fall accidents are primarily caused by the business owner's negligence. Here are the top causes of these accidents:

  • Overstocked or improperly stocked shelves
  • Stacks that are too high
  • Negligent training and supervision of employees
  • Lack of warning signs

How Our Norfolk Personal Injury Lawyer Prove Slip and Fall Accident Claims Caused by Falling Merchandise in Virginia

Winning a slip and fall accident claim caused by falling merchandise in Virginia is not easy. Fortunately, an experienced Norfolk attorney can collect the evidence you need to prove all elements of your claim. Here is what you must establish to secure the compensation you deserve under Virginia law.

Duty of Care 

You must prove that the store owner or operator owed you a duty of care. In Virginia, business owners are responsible for keeping their stores in a safe condition for their visitors, including customers.

Breach of Duty 

You must also demonstrate that the store owner or employees breached this duty. To prove this, you must show that they knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and did not take reasonable measures to prevent merchandise from falling and causing injuries. 

The business owner will have the evidence you need to establish this. Your personal injury attorney will send them a demand letter requesting this information or obtain it through the litigation process.


The third element of your claim is establishing a direct link between the store owner's breach of duty and your injuries. Our skilled Norfolk personal injury lawyers will work with you so that you have the medical documentation you need to build a winning slip and fall accident claim.


Finally, it is vital to document and prove how much compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you have endured. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can collect the evidence you need to establish your damages and will determine how much your claim is worth.

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