Common Reasons Dangerous Premises Liability Accidents Occur at Summer Camps in Virginia

Kids Hiking in the Woods During a Summer CampGoing to summer camp can be a fun experience for children in Virginia. However, it can become a traumatic nightmare if your child is injured in a premises liability accident while at summer camp.

Your child might be entitled to compensation for their injuries if the negligence of the summer camp staff or owner caused their injuries. The experienced premises liability attorneys at Tavss Fletcher can explain your child’s options and will fight with the at-fault parties for the damages they deserve under Virginia law.

Leading Causes of Premises Liability Accidents at Virginia Summer Camps

Sadly, summer camp accidents are more common than many parents realize, and the causes can be numerous. While some are genuine accidents where no one is at fault, others are tragic, preventable accidents caused by the negligent camp owner and their staff. Here are the top reasons children are injured:

  • Slip and fall accidents. One of the most common causes of summer camp accidents is slip and fall accidents. These accidents can occur when campers walk on uneven or damaged flooring, wet or slippery surfaces, or trip over obstacles. Slip and fall accidents can be prevented by ensuring that campgrounds are well-maintained and that hazards are clearly marked.
  • Failure to provide safety equipment. Another reason that summer camp accidents happen is the failure to provide proper safety equipment. This can include helmets for activities such as biking or horseback riding, life jackets for water activities, and appropriate footwear for hiking or climbing. When camps fail to provide the necessary safety equipment, campers are at risk of severe injury or even death.
  • Failure to adequately supervise children. Children may engage in risky behavior or have accidents with other campers when left unsupervised. It is the responsibility of summer camps to ensure that there are enough staff members on hand to supervise children properly.
  • Failure to protect children doing dangerous activities. Summer camps often offer a variety of activities that can be considered inherently dangerous, such as rock climbing, zip-lining, or archery. Accidents can occur when camp owners fail to properly train camp staff on providing adequate supervision and safety measures for these activities.
  • Negligent hiring of staff. Finally, negligent hiring of staff can be a cause of summer camp accidents. When camps fail to conduct background checks or properly vet their employees, they may hire unqualified staff members with a history of violent behavior. These staff members may sexually or physically assault a camper or fail to adequately protect them from being injured in a serious accident.