Types of Compensation Awarded in Premises Liability Cases

Types of Compensation Associated With Premises Liability CasesIf you suffered injuries in a premises liability accident, such as a slip and fall, dog bite, or swimming pool accident, you may want justice—rightfully so—from the negligent property owner who caused your injuries. The way to do this is to file a claim with the property owner’s insurance company to receive compensation for your injuries. Here, we discuss the types of compensation awarded in premises liability cases.

What Types of Compensation Should You Request When Filing a Premises Liability Claim?

You cannot hope to receive a fair settlement unless you know the types of compensation you could receive for your injuries in your premises liability case. You will also need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to value your claim and negotiate your settlement for you. Types of compensation that you could receive include:

  • Medical expenses. You are entitled to be reimbursed for the costs of your medical treatments, including doctor visits, surgery, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, medications, and mental health counseling. If you need vocational training because you can no longer perform your job, home care, or modifications to your home, these could be permissible expenses as well.
  • Lost wages. Your lost wage claim will include the past and future wages you lost while recovering from your injuries. However, it encompasses much more, such as lost vacation and sick time, bonuses, commissions, promotions, and other perks of your job that you did not receive because of your accident. If you must change careers or are permanently disabled, you may need an economic expert to help value your future damages.
  • Pain and suffering. You could obtain damages to compensate you for the pain and suffering you experienced from the accident and your resulting injuries. This component of your compensation is more difficult to determine because it is not based on out-of-pocket expenses. However, an experienced personal injury attorney who has settled many cases like yours can advise you on the value of this portion of your claim and how to best document your pain and suffering.
  • Wrongful death damages. If a loved one died as a result of a premises liability accident, you may be entitled to funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses for his injuries, and compensation for the loss of support and companionship of your family member.
  • Punitive damages. In cases where the negligent party’s actions were willful and wonton—especially outrageous and likely to cause injury—you may be entitled to punitive damages to punish the property owner. Punitive damages are capped at a maximum of $350,000 in Virginia.

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