Why You Do NOT Want to Post on Your Social Media Sites When You Have a Premises Liability Claim

social media posts hurt injury claimsMost people have at least one social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, that they post to and use to keep up with friends, family, and co-workers. While this is a convenient way to stay in touch in normal times, it can be a huge pitfall that can damage your right to compensation when you are filing a claim following a slip and fall, dog bite, swimming pool accident, or other premises liability accident. Here, we discuss the dangers of posting on social media and how doing so can decrease the value of your claim.

How Posting on Social Media Can Hurt Your Claim for Compensation

When you file a claim following an accident, the insurance company for the business or property owner has a duty to investigate it. As part of this investigation, the insurance adjuster will look for arguments to use to deny or reduce your claim. One common tactic that the insurance adjuster or their attorney will use is to periodically search your social media sites for posts that are damaging to your case.

To avoid problems, ideally you should not post on these sites while your claim is being resolved. While you may find this advice difficult to follow, you should understand how postings can be damaging and avoid making those mistakes. Here are the types of posts you should avoid:

  • Pictures. You want to refrain from posting any pictures of yourself while your claim is pending. They can be used by an insurance adjuster to try to argue that you are not as injured as you claim.
  • Your location. While it can seem harmless to post your location, it can have negative consequences if you are somewhere that involves activities you claim you are too injured to do. You may have just gone to the bowling alley for dinner or to watch your kids at a local swimming pool, but a picture of you there could be used to argue that you participated in other activities.
  • Comments about the accident or your injuries. While posting on social media to friends and family about your accident, your injuries, and your recovery can be tempting, your comments can be misconstrued and twisted by an insurance adjuster searching for information to use against you.
  • Posts by friends and family. Not only can your own posts hurt your claim, but so can posts and pictures where you are tagged by friends and family. You should not let anyone you know post about you or share pictures of you until your case is resolved.
  • Friend requests. You should avoid accepting friend requests from people you do not know because it could be an insurance adjuster, private investigator, or attorney trying to gain more access to your social media sites. This is becoming a more common strategy in fighting these claims.

Are you worried that you already posted something harmful on a social media site? Do not let this prevent you from pursuing your claim for compensation. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will be happy to discuss your situations and strategies to minimize possible damage to your claim.