Pool Problems That Can Cause a Serious Accident

The weather has been unbearably hot as of late and the kiddie pool you set up in the back is no longer satisfying your children. Day in and day out, they keep pressing you to take them to Beechwood, so they can splash around in a “real” pool—but ever since your best friend’s kid had a near-drowning experience, you’re hesitant about letting them swim in anything deeper than two feet.

Are you being overprotective, or are pools as dangerous as you think?

Pool Hazards and Risks

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), over 30 percent of all accidental child deaths are a result of pool related drownings. Although pools are smaller and generally considered safer than open beaches, water depth isn’t your only concern. Five specific dangers can put your child at severe risk for injury and death, if not properly looked after. These dangers include:

  • Falls. Slippery or ill-maintained tiles and pool decking can cause your child to fall into the water, become unconscious, or break bones.
  • Overcrowding. Too many people all swimming at once can cause others to accidentally push you under the water, use you as a flotation device, and make it harder for lifeguards to see you
  • Chemicals. Dangerous bromine or chlorine levels can have horrendous effects on your vision, increase your risk of dehydration, and cause chemical pneumonitis, resulting in loss of vision, decreased awareness, and even loss of consciousness.
  • Electrocution can occur as a result of faulty wiring in pool lights or pump motors.
  • Faulty signs. Incorrect or ill-maintained depth markers can cause smaller children to accidentally slip or slide into the deep end underwater.

Keep your child safe by properly educated him about pool hazards and never allow him to go off by himself. His safety is extremely important, but you can’t rely on others to watch out for him. Stay alert to help prevent a serious accident.

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