The most common form of child abuse has nothing to do with physical punishment or malnourishment. In fact, you may be guilty of it and not even know it.

To many people, allowing your child to ride in the car without a proper car seat is as good as child abuse. Before you argue, consider this: the leading cause of death in children is not cancer, illness, or any other kind of disease. The leading cause of death in children is car accidents.

Safety experts argue that if you are not properly restraining your child while in the car, you are leaving them vulnerable to serious injury, even death. While we tend to worry about illnesses that are out of our hands, we too often forget that we have the power to help protect the lives of our children every time they get into a car.

Keeping your child safe while in the car is the best way to prevent accidents and injuries. New AAP recommendations state that children under the age of two should remain in rear-facing car seats. After this, children should be restrained by a five-point harness until they reach the seat's weight or height limit. The next step is a booster seat which, again, should be used until the child exceeds the manufacturer's recommended height or weight.

Only you can ensure that your child is properly restrained. The staff and Virginia accident attorneys at the Norfolk accident law firm of Tavss Fletcher urge you to learn more about the right seat for your child and use it each and every time you get in the car. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, don't hesitate to contact our office at 757.625.1214 for a consultation with an attorney.

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