Should I go to the doctor if I was bitten by a dog in Norfolk?

Dog bite injuryIt is important to seek immediate medical attention within 72 hours of a dog bite in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, as you may have suffered a serious injury without realizing it. This will protect your health and your claim for compensation under Virginia’s dog bite laws. You should also contact the experienced Norfolk premises liability attorneys at Tavss Fletcher to discuss your options. 

Warning Signs You Should See a Doctor

While a physician should always examine you after suffering a dog bite, there are warning signs that you should seek medical care immediately. Watch out for the following warning signs that indicate the need for medical attention:

Deep or Puncture Wounds

If the dog bite has caused deep puncture wounds, it may have damaged muscles, nerves, or blood vessels beneath the skin. This is also a sign of an infection.

Bleeding That Does Not Stop

If the bleeding from the dog bite wound persists despite applying pressure, it requires immediate medical attention to prevent infection and control bleeding. You may also need stitches.

Signs of Infection 

Look out for redness, swelling, warmth, or discharge from the wound. These are signs of a possible infection.

Fever or Chills

If you develop a fever or experience chills after a dog bite, it could be a sign that an infection is spreading through your body. You may have also suffered internal bleeding or organ damage.

Symptoms Do Not Improve

If your symptoms do not get better, seek medical treatment right away. You could have suffered a more serious injury than you think. Do not wait until your symptoms become an emergency.

Signs of a TBI

If your head struck the ground when the dog attacked you, you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI symptoms include dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, confusion, memory loss, and trouble concentrating.

How Seeing a Doctor Can Strengthen Your Norfolk Dog Bite Claim

Seeking medical attention right after a dog bite is essential for your health and can significantly impact your claim for compensation for your injuries. Here are several reasons why seeing a doctor is crucial for the success of your case.

Documenting Your Injuries 

Prompt medical care provides crucial evidence of the severity of your injuries and the treatments you need, which can be used to support your claim. Proving that you suffered severe injuries is essential to obtaining the maximum recovery in your settlement. 

Establishing Causation 

Obtaining medical care within 72 hours of your dog bite will help you establish a direct link between the dog bite and your injuries. Showing this will make it easier to prove the dog owner’s liability to compensate you.

Avoiding Disputes

Having medical documentation that you were examined by a physician immediately, have followed your doctor’s advice on your treatment plan, and have no gaps in your medical care can prevent arguments with the insurance company over the cause of your injuries and their severity. This will strengthen your position during negotiations with the insurance adjuster and help you receive a fair settlement.