Should I sign a medical authorization for the negligent driver’s insurance company?

Insurance Company’s Medical Authorization FormIf you must file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company following an auto accident, the insurance adjuster could contact you to sign a medical authorization for release of your medical records to the insurance company. Should you sign the medical authorization? Here, we discuss why you should not sign the insurance company’s release and how doing so could damage your claim for compensation.

Why You Should Refuse to Sign the Insurance Company’s Medical Authorization

While it is true that the insurance adjuster will need to review your medical records pertaining to your injuries caused by the accident, there are safer ways for you to provide this information to him without signing a release. Here are reasons why you do not want to sign this legal document:

  • Blanket authorization. The medical authorization that the insurance company wants you to sign is a broad release that would allow the adjuster to obtain all of your medical records. Much of this information is unnecessary to the settlement of your claim. By giving the adjuster a blanket authorization, you increase the risk that he will find something in your prior records that he can use to deny or reduce your claim. Many times this is not for legitimate reasons.
  • Pre-existing injuries. If you suffered a pre-existing injury to the same body part, you will have to disclose it to the insurance company. A better strategy would be to retain an experienced car accident attorney and let him disclose your pre-existing condition and provide the medical records that the adjuster truly needs.
  • Invasion of privacy. Providing the insurance company with all of your medical records is an invasion of your privacy and could result in giving the insurance company irrelevant and sensitive medical information about you.

How Should You Provide Medical Records to the Negligent Driver’s Insurance Company?

Signing a medical authorization for the insurance company without first consulting with an attorney is one of many mistakes in filing a car accident claim that you want to avoid. You should have an attorney review any documents before you sign them to be certain that it is in your interests to sign and you are not waiving important legal rights. Your attorney can investigate your accident, collect the necessary medical records for your claim, and send them to the insurance adjuster for you—without the need for you to sign an authorization.

Is the negligent driver’s insurance adjuster asking you to sign a medical release? Our experienced car accident attorneys are happy to discuss your situation with you and review the document for you. To schedule your free consultation, call our Norfolk office today.