Six Top Reasons Motorists Cause Dangerous Highway Accidents in Norfolk

Causes of Freeway AccidentsWhen driving on a Norfolk or Virginia Beach freeway, the risk of suffering severe injuries or losing one's life in a car collision is significantly higher. As a car crash victim, you may be entitled to compensation if a negligent driver caused your wreck. 

Seeking the help of an experienced Norfolk car accident lawyer at Tavss Fletcher can be critical to winning your case. We can collect the necessary evidence and fight tirelessly with the insurance company to ensure you receive the damages you deserve under Virginia law.

Six Leading Causes of Norfolk Highway Crashes

Freeway accidents can be caused by various factors that result in victims suffering life-altering injuries or death. Understanding these common causes is essential to proving a motorist's negligence caused your wreck. Here are the six top causes of these preventable collisions:

#1: Speeding 

Exceeding the posted speed limit significantly increases the risk of freeway car accidents in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. High speeds reduce the driver's ability to react promptly to unexpected situations, lengthen stopping distances, and result in more severe impacts during collisions. Victims can suffer much more devastating injuries even if the motorist only drives a few miles over the posted speed limit.

#2: Drowsy Driving

Fatigue impairs a driver's focus, reaction times, and decision-making abilities, mirroring the effects of alcohol impairment. Unfortunately, many motorists in Virginia Beach and Norfolk drive when they are too tired to do so safely.

#3: Intoxication 

Drugged and drunk driving are common causes of highway crashes in Virginia. Impaired drivers have reduced coordination, vision, and judgment, making it challenging to maintain control of their vehicles. A skilled Norfolk car accident lawyer can help gather evidence such as breathalyzer tests, blood alcohol level records, and witness statements to strengthen your claim for compensation.

#4: Unsafe Lane Changes 

Reckless lane changes and weaving in and out of traffic without signaling are hazardous behaviors on the freeway. Such maneuvers can catch other drivers off-guard, leading to collisions and multi-vehicle wrecks. 

#5: Distracted Driving

With the prevalence of smartphones and in-car technologies, distracted driving has become a grave concern on Virginia Beach and Norfolk freeways. Texting, phone calls, adjusting navigation systems, or engaging with passengers diverts the driver's attention from the road, dramatically increasing the likelihood of a crash. 

#6: Aggressive Driving 

Aggressive driving behaviors like tailgating and unsafe lane changes can escalate quickly into even more dangerous road rage on busy highways. If you were hurt in a collision caused by aggressive driving, a knowledgeable car accident lawyer can help establish liability and hold the aggressive driver accountable.