What to Do If the Negligent Driver Contacts You After Norfolk Car Accident

Call from Negligent Driver Emotions can run high after an auto collision in Norfolk, and knowing what steps to take can be overwhelming. However, the actions you take immediately following a collision can significantly impact the strength of your claim for compensation

What should you do if the at-fault driver calls you after the crash? While it may be tempting to engage in conversation, it is crucial to remember that anything you say can be used against you. Instead of talking directly to them, you should contact an experienced Norfolk car accident lawyer at Tavss Fletcher, who can guide you through the process and protect your rights.

What to Say to the Other Driver at the Auto Crash Scene

Immediately after a car accident in Norfolk, it is essential to communicate effectively and efficiently with the other driver. Politely exchange contact information with them, including names, phone numbers, and insurance details. This is a crucial step to ensure you have the necessary information to file your claim and communicate with their insurance company. Do not discuss anything else with them, including the details of the car crash.

Steps to Take If the Negligent Driver Contacts You After Your Norfolk Car Collision

The at-fault driver could contact you directly after the auto accident for many reasons, such as to offer you cash to settle your claim. However, getting into a lengthy conversation with them would be a mistake. Here are the steps you should take.

Limit What You Say

If the negligent driver reaches out to you, you must be cautious about what you say. Stick to the basics, such as confirming your identity and insurance information. Politely but firmly let them know that you prefer not to communicate with them directly.

Do Not Discuss the Accident or Your Injuries

You should refrain from discussing the accident, your injuries, or any aspect of your claim. Even seemingly innocent statements can be used against you to dispute your claim. 

Refer the Driver to Your Attorney

When the at-fault driver contacts you, one of the best steps is to hire a knowledgeable car accident lawyer and refer the motorist to them. Let them know you have legal representation and all communications should go through your attorney. Your lawyer will know how to navigate conversations with the driver and their insurance company and will have strategies to defeat the insurance adjuster’s attempts to deny your claim or try to get you to accept less money than you deserve in your settlement.

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