What should I do if the negligent driver offers me cash at the scene of my car accident?

Driver Offering Money After a WreckIf the at-fault motorist who caused your auto crash offers you cash or a check right after it occurred, you should refuse to accept the money. They most likely have ulterior motives for offering to pay you, like not wanting to contact the police because they do not have insurance or a valid license or are worried that their auto insurance rates will go up. Here are three reasons why accepting money at the scene of your car collision would be a bad idea.

Reason #1: It Would Be a Final Settlement

If you accept the cash or a check and cash it, it would most likely be considered a final settlement of your case. You would not be able to file a claim with the driver’s insurance company for additional money if you discovered that the amount the driver paid you did not fully compensate you for your injuries or your property damages.

Reason #2: Your Repair Costs Could Be Higher

Even if you think the damage to your car is minor, the cost to repair it could be more expensive than you think. In addition, you could have other out-of-pocket expenses, like repair costs for other property damaged and car rental fees, that would not be covered by the payment the motorist is offering you.

Reason #3: You Could Have Suffered Serious Injuries

Even if you do not believe you were hurt in the car accident, you could have suffered serious injuries. The symptoms of some injuries can take days or longer to develop. Long-term injuries you may have suffered include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage

If you suffered one of these or another injury, you could need expensive medical treatments, be off work for months or longer or become permanently disabled, and suffer emotional distress due to your injuries and how they affect your abilities and quality of life. Any cash payment that the other motorist offers you would not compensate you for all the damages you could be entitled to under Virginia law.

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