Factors That Can Influence the Strength of Your Auto Crash Claim and Settlement

Factors That Could Influence the Value of Your Car Accident ClaimEvery car accident and claims for compensation that arise out of it are unique. The length of time that it will take to settle a claim and its value will vary widely in different cases, so you want to be careful about comparing the progress in your claim to that of a co-worker, friend, or family member. However, there are general factors that can influence the strength of your claim against the negligent driver and the amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

What Are Factors That Could Influence the Value of Your Car Accident Claim?

Understanding the factors that affect the strength and value of an auto crash claim can help you get a better sense of how strong your claim is, the length of time it could take to settle your claim, and its value. Here are some factors that could affect your settlement:

  • Consistency in what you say. You will end up telling many people the facts surrounding your accident and the extent of your injuries. Emergency medical providers, the police at the scene, your doctor, and the insurance adjuster are a few of the people that you may discuss this with. The insurance company and their attorney will compare what you say to see if they can find any inconsistencies in your statements. If they do, this can weaken your claim and it may take longer to settle. If you are consistent in what you say about how the crash occurred and your injuries, you will be a stronger witness, which can increase the value of your claim.
  • Clear cut liability. When the other driver’s negligence is not disputed by his insurance company, you have one less issue to argue about before settling your claim. While this may not mean that you will resolve your claim quicker, it can increase the value of your claim.
  • Medical records. Your medical records and your doctor’s opinions as to the seriousness of your injuries—whether you will fully recover from them and your final prognosis—are critical to establishing the compensation that you are entitled to. When your medical records and doctor’s report support your claims about the injuries that you suffered and show that you have been following your doctor’s orders regarding your treatment, this will enhance your claim’s value.
  • Your post-accident statements and actions match. It is important that your statements regarding your injuries, pain, and limitations in what activities you can do match your actions after your accident. The insurance adjuster for the negligent driver may search social media sites and hire a private investigator to see if you are doing activities inconsistent with what you claim you can do. Finding any evidence like this can hurt your claim significantly.

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