How Filing an Incident Report Following a Premises Liability Accident Can Help Your Claim

Filing an Accident Report After a Premises Liability InjuryMany people do not realize the importance of filing an accident report with a business or property owner following a slip and fall or other premises liability accident. However, filing an incident report can strengthen your claim for compensation. This is true even when you do not believe that you suffered significant injuries in the accident. Often, the symptoms of many conditions will not develop until days or longer after the accident.

Ways Filing an Accident Report Will Strengthen Your Premises Liability Claim

Your first steps after being involved in a premises liability accident are to seek immediate medical care for any obvious injuries and to report the incident. Here are three ways that notifying the business or property of your accident can help you if you file a claim for compensation:

  • Document the accident. Filing an incident report documents that an accident occurred and that you put the business or property owner on notice of it. If you do not do this, the insurance company could argue that your accident never occurred. This is true even if you orally tell a manager or owner about the incident.
  • Provide contact information. When you file your report, you are providing your contact information to the owner of the property. You may also obtain contact information for the property owner, his insurance company, and any witnesses to the incident. Collecting the contact information of the witnesses is a crucial step of the premises liability claim process.
  • Include details of the accident. If you file a report, it may be easier to remember important details of how your accident occurred while they are fresh in your mind.

Who Should You Notify After an Accident?

Who to report your accident to will depend on where it occurred. Here are the proper parties to contact:

  • If your accident occurred at a private residence or other private property, contact the homeowner, property owner, renter, or landlord.
  • If your accident occurred at a commercial property, contact the store manager, building manager, or property owner.
  • If your accident occurred on government property, contact the on-site manager or administrator for that governmental agency.

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