What evidence do I need for my truck accident claim?

evidence to prove a truck crash caseDetermining liability in a truck crash can be difficult because many businesses and individuals are involved in getting a loaded truck on the road. However, evidence can help insurance agents, judges or juries, and attorneys fully understand the facts of the crash, which can help place liability. Ultimately, evidence helps you maximize your recovery after a crash with a truck, so it’s important to understand what evidence you’ll need.

At the Scene of the Crash, Do Your Part

Just as with a passenger vehicle crash, your actions right after an accident with a truck are important to recovering fully for your injuries and damages. You can protect your future claim by:

  • Jotting down some notes while the memory is fresh in your mind.
  • Taking photos and videos of the crash scene, making sure to include descriptions of what happened.
  • Calling law enforcement so an objective third party can step in, record information, and give directions as needed.
  • Talking to witnesses who may have unique information or had an important view of the crash.

An Attorney Can Help Collect Other Evidence

Other types of evidence may prove helpful for your case, but it’s smart to enlist the help of an attorney to gather these, which include:

  • Evidence from the truck’s interior, such as the “black box” recording device, any photos or videos of the cabin, dash camera footage, and data from the truck’s computer.
  • Evidence from the trucker and his employer, including hours of service logs, maintenance records, and driver history.
  • Evidence from security footage, which could shed light on the driver’s actions directly before the crash or the root cause of the accident.

Let an Attorney Advocate for You

If you’ve recently been involved in a crash with a large truck and feel confused about your next steps, get into contact with an experienced attorney. Truck accident litigation can be complex and confusing, but the team at Tavss Fletcher can provide you with answers and personalized service. To speak with a member of our firm, call our toll-free number today.