What should I do if the truck driver lies about how my Norfolk truck accident happened?

What to Do If Trucker Lies About AccidentIt can be very frustrating and challenging to be involved in a truck crash in Norfolk or Virginia Beach when the truck driver provides false information about how the truck accident occurred. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. 

Our experienced Norfolk truck accident lawyers at Tavss Fletcher share tips on the steps you need to take to protect your right to compensation for your injuries. We also encourage you to contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation to learn how we can assist you in pursuing your claim with the insurance company. 

Why a Trucker Might Lie About How a Norfolk Truck Collision Occurred

Truck drivers may lie about the cause of a collision for various reasons to protect themselves. Here is why they may be untruthful.

Avoiding Legal Consequences 

If the truck driver's actions directly contributed to the accident, they might lie to avoid legal repercussions, such as fines, penalties, suspension of their CDL license, or losing their job. They may be worried about being arrested if they tell the truth and are intoxicated.

Protecting Their Employer

Trucking companies can be held responsible for compensating victims for truck accidents caused by their truckers. In some cases, a trucker might lie to shield their employer from legal liability.

Insurance Concerns

Admitting fault could lead to increased insurance premiums or jeopardize the trucker's driver's future insurability, which can be a significant motivator to provide a false account of the truck wreck.

Steps to Take if the Truck Driver is Lying

If you suspect that the truck driver is lying about how the truck accident occurred, you must take steps to protect your rights and prove that their negligence caused the collision. Here are immediate steps to take.

Remain Calm

Do not confront the trucker or argue with them if they lie at the scene about how your truck crash occurred. Calmly get the contact information for the trucking company, the insurance company, and them.

Gather Evidence

Collect evidence at the truck accident scene to help you prove how the truck wreck happened. Take photographs to document the accident scene, damage to vehicles, and any visible road conditions. Also, seek out eyewitnesses and obtain their contact information to corroborate your version of events.

Police Report

Call the police right after the truck accident and obtain a copy of the police report. It will provide helpful information, such as the following:

  • Date, time, and place of the collision,
  • Narration of how the truck crash occurred,
  • Law enforcement officer's conclusions as to who caused it
  • Any traffic tickets issued

Stay Truthful

Be honest and consistent when discussing the truck accident with police officers, insurance adjusters, doctors, your lawyer, or anyone else.

Retain an Attorney

Contact a skilled truck accident attorney in Norfolk as soon as possible. They will investigate the collision's cause and gather evidence and witnesses to support your case. They will also send the trucking company a spoliation letter informing them not to destroy or tamper with evidence you may need to prove your claim. Your lawyer will also fight with the insurance company so that you receive the maximum damages you are entitled to in your settlement.