Essential Steps You Need to Take After an Amazon Flex Truck Accident in Norfolk

Amazon flex truck accidentWhat You Should Do to Protect Your Rights After a Norfolk Amazon Flex Truck Accident 

If you were hurt in an Amazon Flex truck collision, filing an insurance claim can be complicated. The experienced Norfolk truck accident attorneys at Tavss Fletcher can determine which parties and insurance companies are liable to compensate you and fight with their insurance adjusters so that you obtain the compensation you deserve under Virginia law. 

If you were injured in an Amazon Flex truck collision in Norfolk, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries if the truck driver’s negligence caused it. However, these claims can be complicated due to the nature of the Amazon Flex program. You need to take immediate action to safeguard your rights. 

Understanding the Amazon Flex Program in Virginia

The Amazon Flex program is a delivery service that permits individuals to work as independent contractors delivering packages using their own vehicles, including trucks. In Virginia, Amazon Flex drivers are responsible for their trucks and deliveries, operating within the parameters set by the program.

Steps to Take If You Are the Victim of a Norfolk Amazon Flex Truck Collision

Settling your Amazon Flex insurance claim may be difficult. The steps you take right after the crash can impact the strength of your claim and how hard the insurance company fights to deny your claim or pay you less compensation than you are entitled to. Here are vital steps our skilled personal injury lawyers recommend you take immediately. 

Call the Police

Contact the police right after the Amazon Flex truck crash. A law enforcement officer will investigate the collision and write a police report with essential details about the wreck that you can use to convince the insurance adjuster of the company’s liability to pay you.

Gather Contact Information

Collect the Amazon Flex driver’s name, contact details, and insurance information. Additionally, obtain the contact information for Amazon and their insurance company. You will need this information to notify Amazon and the insurance companies of your claim for your injuries.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if your injuries seem minor or non-existent, it is vital to seek immediate medical attention within 72 hours of the accident. You could have suffered a life-altering injury but not realize it for days or longer after the Amazon Flex truck accident when symptoms develop. Getting prompt medical treatment protects your health and avoids disputes with the insurance company. 

Take Photos

Use your cellphone camera to take photos of the collision scene, damage to the truck and your vehicle, weather and road conditions, and your injuries. They may help your lawyer or an expert witness determine the cause of the wreck and can be compelling evidence to show the jury if your case is decided at a trial.

Obtain Witness Information

If there were eyewitnesses to the crash, get their contact information. Their statements can corroborate that the Amazon Flex trucker was the at-fault party.

Consult with an Attorney

Retain a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer at Tavss Fletcher as soon as possible. We can identify liable parties, navigate the nuances of Amazon Flex agreements, and pursue compensation on your behalf. We will vigorously fight with their insurance company so that you receive the full compensation you deserve.

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