Types of Expert Witnesses That Can Help You Win Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle Wreck in the Middle of the RoadIf you want to obtain all the compensation that you deserve following a motorcycle accident, you will need to prove the negligence of the other driver and the seriousness of your injuries. One way to do this can be to retain an expert witness.

What Is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is someone who has specialized knowledge based on his experience, training, or education and is qualified to issue an opinion as to an issue in a motorcycle accident case. When selecting an expert witness, it is important to choose one who has the qualifications to be considered an expert witness and who can explain his findings in a way that is persuasive and easily understandable.

Types of Expert Witnesses Used in Motorcycle Collision Cases

An expert witness is not always needed to settle a motorcycle crash claim. Whether one is needed and the type of expert witness to hire will depend on the disputes with the insurance company. Types of experts that can be helpful include the following:

  • Accident reconstructionist. An accident reconstruction expert can examine all of the evidence, such as the police report, pictures, and eyewitness statements, and determine how the crash occurred and who was at fault. He may also use a computer program to create a reenactment of the collision that he can use when explaining its cause to the jury.
  • Economist. An economic expert can be helpful if a motorcycle rider suffers life-altering injuries that will require long-term medical care and limit his ability to work. This type of expert can calculate the amount of future compensation a victim should receive for his medical treatments, lost wages, and lost earning capacity.
  • Doctor. Retaining a physician as an expert is essential when filing a claim for injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. A doctor can give an opinion as to the seriousness of the injuries, necessary treatments, and the final prognosis if a victim will not make a full recovery.
  • Vocational expert. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries that could prevent them from continuing in their job. A vocational expert can explain how a victim’s injuries limit his ability to work and what jobs—if any—that he can perform.
  • Automotive expert. An automotive expert can be useful if a defect in the design or manufacture of a motorcycle part, or the vehicle that struck the motorcycle, was the cause of the crash, and the victim must file a products liability action.

How to Obtain the Expert Witnesses You Need

Our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can identify the types of expert witnesses you need and have a network of qualified experts who can help you. We will also collect the other evidence you need to prove the other driver’s negligence in causing your motorcycle crash and will aggressively fight so that you receive all the compensation you deserve. To learn more, call our Norfolk office to schedule a free case evaluation today.