Lost Earning Capacity Compensation You May Recover if You Are Permanently Disabled After a Virginia Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Wreckage That Led to Permanent Disability As a motorcycle rider, you are at a significantly higher risk of suffering severe injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver than if you were the victim of a car crash.

If you become permanently disabled and cannot work due to your injuries in a motorcycle collision, you may be entitled to recover future lost income damages, which are also referred to as lost earning capacity damages, in Virginia. You should immediately retain an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to obtain all the compensation you deserve for your injuries from the at-fault motorist’s insurance company.

Understanding What Future Lost Income Damages Are

You are entitled to your past and future damages if you were not to blame for your motorcycle wreck in Virginia. Future lost income damages refer to the income you would have earned in the future had you not been injured in the motorcycle accident. These damages are awarded to compensate you for your loss of earning capacity from the crash.

Factors Considered in Determining the Amount of Future Lost Income Damages

In Virginia, calculating future lost income damages is complex and may involve expert witnesses, such as economists or vocational rehabilitation specialists. Many factors will be considered in determining the amount of lost earning capacity damages you should receive in your settlement with the insurance company. They include the following:

  • Permanent injuries. The severity of your injuries and their impact on your ability to work will be a crucial factor in determining the amount of future lost income damages. If your injuries are permanent and prevent you from returning to any job, you may be entitled to more damages than if you can return to work in another lower-paying position.
  • Doctor prognosis. The opinions of your treating physicians and other medical experts on your ability to work in the future will also be considered. They will assess your injuries, how they affect your ability to work, your recovery prospects, and any ongoing medical treatment you will require.
  • Your job. The nature of your work, the skills required, and the income you earned before the accident will be factors used to calculate your damages. Your prospects for career advancements will also be considered in determining the amount of lost earning capacity compensation you should receive.
  • Your current income. Your current income at the time of the motorcycle collision will help determine your earning capacity before the accident. This information will be used to estimate the amount of income you would have earned in the future had you not been injured.
  • Your work-life expectancy. Your work-life expectancy refers to the number of years you could reasonably be expected to work in your job or occupation. This factor will be used to determine the period for which you will be awarded future lost income damages.
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