How soon after my premises liability accident should I retain a lawyer?

Man With a Broken Leg After a Slip and Fall Holding a ClockIf you want to obtain all the compensation you deserve for your injuries, you should hire an experienced premises liability attorney right away after your accident. Here are four reasons why this is so important.

Reason #1: Preservation of Evidence

It is not easy to prove a property or business owner’s negligence in causing a slip and fall or other type of premises liability accident. Your attorney can conduct a more exhaustive investigation into the cause of your accident soon after it occurred. In addition, he can obtain time-sensitive evidence, such as surveillance videotape that may have recorded your accident or witness statements—before they are lost.

Reason #2: Help You Avoid Mistakes

You probably have never been injured in an accident where you needed to file a claim for compensation with the negligent party’s insurance company. It is easy to make unintentional mistakes that can weaken your case. Here are some common ones that a lawyer can help you avoid:

  • Agreeing to give a recorded statement to the insurance company
  • Signing the insurance company’s blanket authorization for release of your medical records
  • Posting about your accident on social media sites
  • Making statements to the insurance adjuster that he can use to deny your claim or try to pay you less than you are owed.

Reason #3: Negotiate Your Settlement

It can be challenging to negotiate your settlement with the insurance company. It is difficult to know how much your claim is really worth. In addition, the insurance company may try to pressure you into accepting a quick settlement for far less than you deserve.

An attorney who has handled many premises liability cases will be able to value your claim accurately. He will also have strategies that he can use in negotiations with the insurance company to defeat their arguments as to why you should receive less than you deserve.

Reason #4: File Your Lawsuit

In Virginia, there is a deadline referred to as the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit against the negligent party who caused your injuries. If your lawyer cannot settle your claim, he will sue the property owner or business before the time period to do so expires.

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