Is riding my motorcycle during the winter dangerous?

No matter who you are or where you are riding, you always take some risks by getting on the road. Even the safest drivers face dangers when behind the wheel due to other motorists on the road and inclement weather. Motorcyclists, however, experience even more risk when they ride during the harsh Virginia winter.

Why Your Safety Is in Jeopardy When You Ride in the Winter

The city of Norfolk experiences cold temperatures and its fair share of snow, sleet, and rain during the winter months. These elements are dangerous enough on their own, but can create major problems and put riders at risk for experiencing common motorcycle accident injuries when combined. Be aware of the following dangers when riding this winter:

  • The risk of hypothermia. You may feel like you’re freezing, but it’s likely that you have produced a good amount of sweat while riding. When against your body, this moisture can cause your body temperature to drop and you can become hypothermic as a result. Bundle up in layers when on your bike, and choose clothing that wicks away the sweat from your body.
  • Slippery surfaces. Cold tires don’t have the same amount of traction as warm tires, which puts riders at risk for slips. Poor traction is dangerous enough, but when combined with wet or icy roads, it is downright deadly. Ensure your tires have the proper amount of pressure before each trip, and never go for a ride if your tires are low on tread. Avoid speeding, taking on tricky turns, and riding when ice is on the road. Doing so can result in serious injuries.
  • Distraction. Have you ever been so cold that your discomfort was all you could think about? Motorcyclists often experience the same feeling. Avoid becoming so cold that you aren’t able to focus on riding safely. If you are unable to do so, consider staying off the road until the weather warms up.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Deserve the Very Best

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