Preparing Your Motorcycle for a Long Winter’s Nap

Virginia winters aren’t known for their mild temperatures. On the contrary, the winter months are filled with cold temperatures, snow, sleet, rain, and bone-chilling wind. These aren’t exactly the ideal conditions in which to ride your bike, or for your bike to sit out in until the spring thaw.

Preparing Your Bike for Hibernation

If you don’t prepare your bike properly for cold temperatures, you could find its performance, and safety, suffer come spring. By placing just a little time and effort into your motorcycle, you may increase its life and decrease the chances of becoming involved in a crash and suffering from common motorcycle injuries. Before storing your bike for the season, perform these maintenance tasks:

  • Change the oil. Leaving used oil in your tank can cause deterioration and oxidation, which means trouble. Instead, change it right before you put the bike away. Use the same type of oil you would use when driving, and allow the motor to run a little in order to disperse the oil throughout the engine.
  • Inflate your tires. As you may know, tire pressure can change according to the temperature. Not preparing tires for the winter can cause problems like shredding and blowouts the next time you ride, which can cause major accidents. If you have a compressor, deflate the tires to remove any moisture, then fill them again with fresh air. If possible, elevate your bike so that it doesn’t sit on the tires all winter long.
  • Stabilize the fuel. Typical fuel begins to deteriorate after just a few weeks, which can cause damage to your bike. Combat that by adding a fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas. Let the bike run for about 15 minutes to work the fuel throughout the engine.

Winter Preparation Can’t Stop All Accidents From Occurring 

Unfortunately, prepping your bike for winter can’t prevent all accidents, especially when the accidents are caused someone else. If you’ve suffered injuries and vehicle damage because of another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive compensation. The attorneys of Tavss Fletcher may be able to help. Schedule a consultation by calling 877.960.3441.