While it is true that there are cases of minor road rash, we have had many clients who have been hurt during a motorcycle crash in Virginia Beach with road rash that is MUCH more than a minor injury.

We have seen motorcycle accident victims who are in the process of undergoing a series of serious medical treatments for road rash injuries. Too often, the injury takes off enough skin to warrant stitches and skin grafts. Due to the possibility of debris embedded in the skin, infection is a serious risk with road rash injuries. In addition, there are times when the injury is deep enough to damage nerves and muscles.

The Impact of Road Rash on Motorcycle Accident Victims
When a road rash injury is severe, it can cause permanent damage. The crash victim may lose some function in the affected limb, and extreme scarring is a real possibility.

The medical care required to treat a serious case of road rash is expensive. In addition, insurance companies may refuse to pay for the ongoing care needed to recover from the injury.

If you have been hurt during a motorcycle accident in Virginia Beach and the insurance company has offered you compensation, our Virginia Beach motorcycle accident attorneys urge you: Do not sign on the dotted line.

If you sign, and then find that the amount you have received is not enough to pay your bills, it may be too late to get the money you need. Please call 757.625.1214 today to speak with an attorney who has the experience to get you the money you deserve. Do not delay; call now.  
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