Riding in a Winter Wonderland

Not even the harshest Virginia winters can keep some motorcyclists off the road. Norfolk is home to many scenic landscapes that are only truly appreciated when seen from the back of a bike. If you like to take a ride in the winter elements, you’ll need to don the proper gear and practice the appropriate measures in order to keep yourself safe.

Tips for Winter Riding

Riding during the winter can present challenges you don't have to face in the milder seasons. Conditions are much harsher, which means you’ll have to adapt to the elements, or suffer from common motorcycle injuries if you’re involved in a crash. Take the following precautions when heading out this winter:

  • Wear the proper gear. Don’t risk becoming so cold that you can’t think straight or ride properly. Instead, bundle up by piling on the layers. Cover yourself in pants and a shirt that keep you warm, but also draw away moisture, as you will sweat. Additionally, you’ll need to wear a coat made of thick material, such as leather, to provide warmth and protection should you fall. Neck warmers and gloves are essential, as are boots that keep your feet toasty. Cold temperatures can alter your grip, which can result in dangerous accidents, so keep this in mind when deciding which gloves and boots to wear.
  • Beware of cold tires. Cold temperatures and pavement cause your tires to perform differently than they do when it’s warmer. More specifically, cold tires don’t provide good traction, which can cause you to slip. Warm your tires by accelerating and decelerating a few times when you first ride and after every stop. Even brief pauses at traffic lights can cause your tires to cool down. Additionally, check your tire pressure before every ride, and never trust tires that don’t have the proper amount of tread.
  • Use common sense. Roads that are moist from snow and rain are likely to have icy spots. Don’t risk slipping and falling off your bike by riding on days when the weather is less than ideal. Use common sense and always pay attention to what is happening on the road in front of you. Doing so can make the difference between a nice joy ride and a trip to the hospital.

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