An unfortunate event that many motorcyclist will encounter is a Norfolk motorcycle accident. The majority of motorcycle accidents on the road today are commonly caused by passenger vehicles. The injuries associated with a motorcycle crash can range from minor to severe and may even cause the victim to die.

One of the common injuries that many accident victims suffer from is road rash. If you were to talk to anyone who rides a motorcycle they will surely know what road rash is. Or perhaps they will have experienced road rash themselves. Although many know what it is, they may not realize that there are different types of road rash.

Three different types of road rash that may occur during a Virginia motorcycle accident are:

  • Avulsion – Road rash that is known as avulsion is the most common of the three types. With avulsion road rash, the skin is scraped away, exposing the fat, muscle and/or bone.
  • Open wound – Open wound road rash typically requires stiches. The more severe cases of open wound road rash require the victim to undergo a skin graft as well.
  • Compression – Compression road rash occurs when a part of the body is caught between two objects. Muscle damage and broken bones are the typical injuries.


If you have been involved in an accident road rash may only be a small part of your injuries. Contact a Virginia motorcycle accident attorney at Tavss Fletcher to learn your rights after an accident. Call 757-625-1214 today for a free legal consultation.

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