Norfolk Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Treating Road Rash After a Crash

One of the biggest obstacles for a motorcycle rider to stay safe is constant vigilance with passenger vehicles. They are often the cause of Norfolk motorcycle accidents.

Because of the nature of a crash between a car and motorcycle there is nearly always some sort of injury involved. Unfortunately, the majority of the injuries are sustained by the person on the motorcycle. This is because motorcycles do not provide the protection that vehicles does.

One of the common injuries sustained by a motorcycle rider is road rash. Because road rash is so common, it is important that a rider knows how to properly treat it.

Three steps to treat road rash after a motorcycle accident in Virginia are:

  • Clean the wound – As with any type of wound, it is important to properly clean it. The road rash wound should be gently washed with soap and water to get the dirt, gravel and debris out. It is a good idea to use cold water as it isn’t as painful as hot water. Also, using an antibacterial soap is recommended.
  • Dress it – The next step in treating a road rash wound is to dress it with a semi-permeable dressing, which uses a moist hydrocolloid pad. These help aid in the healing process, prevent infections, and promote the growth of new tissue.
  • Maintain – It is important that after the road rash is treated to properly maintain it. Do this by keeping the bandage on all the time. Try to keep it dry in the shower. The bandages should be changed every three to five days.


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