Which patients should doctors check for gestational diabetes?

As just about any expectant mother can tell you, pregnancy is scary. Along with the dramatic changes your body goes through, there’s also the unknown of how the baby is doing. So many problems can occur, it’s enough to make any mother-to-be a bundle of nerves.

Gestational diabetes is just one of the many complications that can occur during pregnancy. This potentially life-threatening disorder occurs as the result of hormone changes during pregnancy. Over time, the changes lead to progressive glucose intolerance, which can result in gestational diabetes.

Are You Predisposed to Gestational Diabetes?

Although doctors should check all pregnant women for gestational diabetes, some patients should be considered high-risk for the condition. Your chances of having the disorder are increased if:

  • Your parents or siblings have diabetes
  • You are 20 percent or more over your ideal body weight prior to becoming pregnant
  • You have had gestational diabetes in previous pregnancies
  • You are African-American, Hispanic, Native American, or Asian
  • You have previously given birth to a baby who weighed nine pounds or more
  • You have given birth to a stillborn baby in the past

Did Your Doctor Fail to Diagnose You?

Women who have gestational diabetes typically don’t exhibit any symptoms of the condition, except those found through urine and blood testing, and may not know about it until it is too late. Untreated gestational diabetes can cause life-long problems for your unborn child, including diabetes, Erb’s palsy, and cerebral palsy.

It is your doctor’s responsibility to take care of you and your child, and when that doesn’t happen, you can take action. The legal team of Tavss Fletcher may be able to help you receive the compensation you deserve to help pay for current and future medical treatments that are needed because of the undiagnosed condition. Contact us today to learn how we have helped others in the Norfolk area and how we may be able to do the same for you.