While injuries are par for the course in the world of professional wrestling, two professional wrestlers have recently been involved in accidents outside of the ropes. Both accidents occurred in North Carolina and both have led to possible drug/alcohol charges.


The first accident occurred in May when former wrestler Shane Helms and his girlfriend crashed their motorcycle after leaving a NC restaurant. Helms and his passenger were seriously injured and Helms has just been charged in North Carolina with a DWI stemming from the crash.


The second was more recent and involved wrestler Matt Hardy. Hardy crashed his 2009 Chevrolet Corvette into a tree early Saturday afternoon. Police report that while it didn't appear that Hardy had been drinking, he seemed to have taken some type of impairing substance. Hardy agreed to a blood test and will appear in court on Sept. 28th.


Why the sudden rash of pro wrestler accidents in North Carolina?


While there is no right answer to this question, it does seem that both accidents were caused, in part, by drugs or alcohol. The WWE offers drug and alcohol abuse help for both current and former wrestlers. If drug or alcohol abuse is an issue for either young man, the criminal law attorneys at Tavss Fletcher hope that the men get the help they need and recover fully from injuries sustained during the crashes.


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