BikeWalk Virginia Urges You to Share the Road

Sharing the road is a message that may sound familiar, but what does it mean? The non-profit organization BikeWalk Virginia works to educate drivers, cyclists and pedestrians as to what, exactly, sharing the road means.


How You Can Avoid an Accident in Virginia

There are many things that a bike rider, driver or runner can do to stay safe and avoid an accident in Norfolk and across VA. Some of the ways you can share the road are:

  • Give 3 feet of space when passing a bicycle, walker or runner.

  • Use turn signals or hand signals and don't move quickly or randomly.

  • Pay attention - avoid distraction at all times.

  • Obey traffic signals and laws - bicyclists must follow the same laws and rules as cars.

  • Slow down- when there are riders or runners, slow down when passing.

  • Be visible - use lights and wear bright colors and reflective materials.


Resources for Bikers, Walkers and Motorists in VA

Thanks to a grant, BikeWalk Virginia has been creating a community tool kit. This tool kit can help your community plan for safer roads and educate the public. The tool kit, being released soon, will give you:

  • Case studies of successful bike and pedestrian projects

  • Assessment tools to help you judge the bike-ability and walk-ability of your community

  • Planning resources

  • Help with community events such as bike rodeos, walks and cycling events

  • Lists of national and state resources


Working Toward Zero Accidents in Virginia

The many safety groups that operate in Virginia work, day in and day out, to reduce the accident rate in our state. In a perfect world, the accident injury and death rate would be zero. No lives lost, no serious, debilitating injuries, no accidents. To do our part, the Norfolk personal injury lawyers at Tavss Fletcher work to constantly update our website with information you can use to help avoid an accident. Knowledge is power, and we hope to give you the knowledge, the power, to avoid an accident, save a life.


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