Immediate Steps You Should Take If You Suffered Injuries Due to Bedbugs at a Hotel or Other Property

Woman Holding a Magnifying Glass and Inspecting a Bedbug in a Hotel RoomBeing bitten by bedbugs while staying at a hotel or at another property in Norfolk can be much more than just inconvenient. You could suffer serious injuries, such as blisters, rashes, permanent scarring, infections, and allergic reactions to the bites. In addition, you could carry the bedbugs with you on your clothes or in your luggage and infest your own home.

Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the negligent hotel or property owner who failed to prevent the bedbug infestation of their property. However, you need to take these immediate steps to strengthen your bedbug injury claim.

Step #1: Collect the Bedbugs

The first step you should take if you are bitten is to collect some of the bedbugs and seal them in a plastic bag. These bugs like to hide in headboards, mattresses, furniture, and other dark, warm places.

Step #2: Take Photos

Take pictures of the furniture, mattress, and other areas where you see signs of infestation with your cell phone camera. You should also take photos of your injuries and any skin droppings, blood or black spots on furniture or sheets, and bed bug eggs that you discover.

Step #3: Report the Infestation

You should notify the hotel owner or manager or other property owner of the bedbug infestation and your injuries and file an accident report. Be sure to obtain a copy of the report for your records. If the owner refuses to give it to you, take a picture of it with your cell phone camera.

Step #4: Get Medical Treatment

Seek prompt medical treatment for your bites. This protects your health and may help you avoid permanent scarring. In addition, it strengthens your claim because it reduces disputes with the insurance company about where you were bitten by the bugs.

Step #5: Contact the Health Department

You should contact the local health department to report the bedbug infestation and obtain a copy of their report for your records. You can also check to see if they have other complaints about bedbugs at this property.

Step #6: Remove the Infestation

You need to remove the bedbugs from your clothes, luggage, and furniture or discard these items if necessary. You may need to hire an exterminator to rid your home of the infestation.

Step #7: Retain an Attorney

Obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries may not be easy. The negligent hotel or property owner may claim that the bedbugs came from somewhere else or that your injuries are not that serious. You need to retain an experienced premises liability attorney as soon as possible to collect the evidence you need to prove their negligence and to negotiate your settlement so that you receive what you deserve.

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