Why Witnesses Are So Important to Your Slip and Fall Accident Claim

Injured Man on Floor Holding His BackWhen you suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident, you will need to file a claim with the negligent property owner’s or business’ insurance company. In order to receive the compensation you deserve, you must prove the at-fault party’s negligence and your injuries. You can do this through the collection of evidence. One powerful way that you can build a strong case is through the use of witnesses.

Types of Witnesses Helpful in Slip and Fall Cases

Witnesses can be very persuasive in convincing the insurance company to offer you a fair settlement. Here are types of witnesses that are often used in slip and fall accident cases:


Eyewitnesses who witnessed your accident as it happened, and the dangerous condition that caused your fall, can be extremely helpful in corroborating the owner’s negligence. An eye witness can be a third-party bystander, an employee, or someone with you when you fell. A third-party witness can be especially persuasive because he does not know you and has no stake in the outcome of your case.

Expert Witnesses

Depending on the circumstances of your accident and the disputes you are having with the insurance company, you may need to hire an expert witness. Expert witnesses are individuals who have specialized knowledge based on their education, training, and work experience and can give an opinion on a disputed issue, such as the cause of your fall. A flooring expert, engineer, accident reconstruction expert, and a physician are some of the expert witnesses used in these cases.

Other Witnesses

Other witnesses, such as family and friends, may also help you win your case. They can confirm the injuries you suffered and how they have affected your ability to work and your overall quality of life.

How to Preserve Eye Witness Testimony

If a person you do not know witnessed your fall, you have to act quickly or this important evidence may be lost. You should take these steps:

  • Obtain the contact information for any eyewitnesses at the accident scene. If you do not find out their names and contact info right away, you may never be able to locate them.
  • Do not contact the witnesses for their statements on your own. Instead, you should retain an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer as soon as possible. He can contact the witnesses while their memories are fresh and obtain their written statements on your behalf.

If you need to file a slip and fall accident claim, our skilled legal team is here to help you collect the evidence you need and negotiate your settlement so that you receive all that you are entitled to. To get started, fill out our convenient online form to schedule a free case evaluation today.


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