Motorcycle Accidents and Broken Bones: Know the Symptoms

Riding a motorcycle is a great mode of transportation for anyone. The cost of a motorcycle is far less than that of a car or truck. The rider gets to experience an exhilarating adventure while also saving a good amount on fuel costs. Motorcycles are becoming more and more popular each year, due to the inherent excitement of riding and the practical savings at the gas pump.

While the benefits of riding a motorcycle seem endless, it does not always come without its disadvantages. One of those downfalls is the risk of a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by passenger vehicles who show little regard for bikers or their passengers. Unfortunately, because motorcycles do not provide much protection for the rider, accidents are often very severe.

Broken bones are one  of the common injuries that motorcycle riders often experience due to a traffic accident. A broken bone should be taken seriously and treated by a medical professional.

Four symptoms of a broken bone are:

  • Pain. As with most serious injuries, the motorcycle accident victim will experience pain due to the broken bone. The pain will be in the area where the bone is broken. It will get worse if the problem area is moved or if pressure is applied.
  • Swelling. The area that suffered the broken bone will become swollen. The swelling is can be accompanied with bruising over the broken bone.
  • Inability to move. The broken bone will make it difficult to use the area where the bone is broken. For instance, if the wrist is broken then there is a good chance that the wrist will not work properly.
  • Deformity. When a bone is broken the victim will notice there might be a deformity. The most common types of breaks that cause a deformity to the victim.

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