When Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accidents Are Likely to Occur

Statistics suggest that a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident is more likely to result in a serious injury or death than other types of accidents. It is largely due the fact that a motorcycle lacks the same protections a passenger vehicle offers.

When Motorcycle Accidents Commonly Occur

A motorcycle accident can happen at any time. Here are three situations when they commonly occur:

  1. At an intersection. When heading straight through an intersection, it is imperative that you are aware of all traffic in and near the intersection. Just because you see the other motorists, it doesn’t mean they see you.
  2. Passing a car. It’s important to keep in mind that other vehicles can have large blind spots. Don’t assume that another driver will use their turn signal before switching lanes.
  3. Lane splitting. Though you may legally have the right to split through other cars, you can’t assume you will be seen. Avoid trying to fit through tights spots, and slow down before you split vehicles.

If You Have Been Injured in a Crash

No matter how slight your injuries are, you might be able to hold the negligent party responsible for your injuries if you have been hurt. Our team can help you build your case and work with the insurance company.

That is why you should call an experienced Virginia Beach motorcycle accident attorney at Tavss Fletcher if you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Allow our team to review the merits of your case by calling (757) 625-1214.

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