While officially Motorcycle Safety Awareness month is over in Virginia, that doesn't mean that the awareness should end.  Though the month long, national motorcycle safety campaign succeeded in raising awareness we cannot wait another year to highlight this important issue.   According to the Hurt Report, two-thirds of motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers.  Though many see bikers as a menace the truth of the matter is that the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by cars and trucks.

What does this mean for your?  If you are a biker it means continuing to drive defensively, knowing that the threat vehicles around you present is very real.  For drivers it means extra vigilance.  Look twice before making a move in traffic, do not become distracted by your phone, children or the radio.  Also, ensure that you give the motorcycles around you enough room to maneuver through traffic.  Though their profile is smaller than that of a car or truck they still need ample room to move through traffic.

The staff and attorneys at Tavss Fletcher hope that this reminder will keep your eyes on the road, and on motorcycles, each time you get in the car.  Remember: Look twice, it could save a life.    

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