Do Parking Lots Cause You Lots of Stress? Here’s How to Stay Safe!

The parking lots of Macarthur Center, Palace Shops, and the Gallery at Military Circle are swamped on the weekends and just about any day during the week as well. If you’re like many, you experience near-collisions almost every time you enter these places. In fact, one out of every five car accidents occurs in parking lots, as do 14 percent of all claims of auto damage.

Although some accidents are caused when two vehicles collide into each other, others involve pedestrians walking from the stores to their vehicles. And not all crashes are mere fender-benders: hundreds of people die each year in parking lot accidents.

How to Make Danger Come to a Stop in Parking Lots

Driving in a parking lot should be simple; after all, most of the vehicles are parked. However, accidents can occur at any time and you may prevent becoming involved in one by:

  • Watching where you back up. A majority of parking lot accidents take place while vehicles are backing up. Look both ways before you attempt to reverse, and move slowly. Vehicles try to sneak past backing automobiles frequently, and many are unsuccessful in their attempts, which can result in bodily and vehicle damage.
  • Avoiding tight squeezes. Most motorists have been desperate enough to attempt to squeeze into the smallest parking spots. And although you may have had enough room to get in there, you have no way of knowing if the vehicle parked next to you will leave and be replaced with another one that is bigger. You may find that getting out of the spot results in hitting the vehicles around you.
  • Not speeding. Speeding in a parking lot is tempting, especially when a good spot opens up and you want to get there before anyone else does. However, speeding puts you at risk of colliding with another vehicle that is pulling out of a space or a pedestrian who darts out into the road. Most parking lot speed limits are 10 mph and you increase your chances of staying safe if you adhere to that speed.

Were You Injured in a Parking Lot?

Common injuries that occur as a result of parking lot accidents include whiplash, head injuries, and lacerations. If you experienced an injury as the result of another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. The attorneys of Tavss Fletcher want to help fight for your rights. Contact us today to learn how.