Should I accept a plea agreement to reduce my reckless driving charges in Norfolk?

Plea bargain for reckless drivingFacing reckless driving charges in Norfolk or Virginia Beach can be an overwhelming experience. Reckless driving is not a traffic ticket. An individual would be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor and face severe penalties in our state. 

One of the most critical decisions you will most likely have to make in your criminal case is whether to accept a plea bargain. Our experienced Norfolk traffic ticket lawyers at Tavss Fletcher are here to raise your defenses and help you weigh your options carefully if the prosecutor offers a plea agreement. 

Benefits of Accepting a Plea Bargain

Most reckless driving cases in Norfolk and Virginia Beach are resolved through a plea agreement. Here are the benefits of this option.

Reduced Penalties 

Accepting a plea bargain often reduces penalties compared to a conviction on the original charges. The agreement may involve pleading guilty to a lesser offense, such as a traffic violation or a reduced misdemeanor charge, which can significantly mitigate your consequences.

Certainty and Closure

Accepting a plea bargain can bring closure to your case and avoid a potentially lengthy and uncertain trial. Entering into a plea agreement can relieve the stress and anxiety of being prosecuted and allow you to move forward with your life more quickly.

Mitigation of Collateral Consequences 

Reckless driving convictions can have long-term consequences beyond fines and potential jail time. These may include a driver’s license suspension, higher insurance premiums, and demerit points added to your driving record. Accepting a plea bargain may help minimize these collateral consequences.

Lower Costs

You will save money if you do not have to pay more expensive attorney fees. The cost would increase significantly if you took your case to a trial.

Drawbacks of Agreeing to a Plea Bargain

Every reckless driving case is unique, and accepting a plea agreement may not be in your best interests. Here are some cons of entering into one.

Admitting Guilt 

Accepting a plea bargain requires you to plead guilty to a lesser offense. It is essential to consider the punishments you face when making your decision.

Waiving Defenses 

By accepting a plea bargain, you forego the opportunity to present a robust defense in court. If you believe the charges can be successfully challenged, you might consider going to trial to present your arguments and evidence.

Having a Criminal Record 

While a plea bargain may offer immediate benefits, assessing the potential long-term consequences is crucial. You would have a permanent criminal record, which may impact future employment prospects, professional licenses, and other aspects of your life.