How Preventable Open Door Motorcycle Collisions Happen

Woman Driver Opening Her Car DoorAny motorcycle accident is serious, but one caused when a driver or passenger of a motor vehicle opens a door right into the path of a motorcycle is tragic and completely preventable. The motorcycle rider can suffer catastrophic injuries if he swerves to avoid the door or is propelled into other motor vehicles traveling on the road.

Why Drivers and Passengers Cause Open Door Motorcycle Crashes

Open door accidents occur when motor vehicles are parked on the side of the road and a driver or passenger open the door with a motorcyclist approaching. Here are five common reasons that they occur:

  • Not checking. Drivers should check their mirrors and passengers should look out their windows for oncoming traffic before opening their door. If they fail to do so or do not look carefully for a less visible motorcycle, their door could smash into a passing motorcyclist.
  • Illegally parking. If a driver parks in a no-parking zone or stops in a traffic lane he may be in a rush to exit the vehicle and may fail to check for a nearby motorcycle rider.
  • Making a right turn. When a motorcycle rider is making a right turn, he may need to travel close to vehicles parked on the street in order to execute his turn safely. This can result in a catastrophic collision if someone opens their vehicle door into his motorcycle.
  • Talking on a cell phone or texting. Using a cell phone is one of the most dangerous distracted driving practices that lead to collisions. A distracted motorist or passenger can also cause an open door accident if he is talking on a cell phone or texting while exiting the vehicle.
  • Avoiding road hazards. A motorcyclist could be injured by an open door if he suddenly has to swerve to avoid a pothole, debris, or trash in the road. He may have a claim against a municipality or other government agency responsible for road maintenance. However, he may need to comply with a special notice or other requirements for filing his claim.

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