What should I do if I was injured in a slip and fall accident out of state?

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident out of state, your vacation or business trip could be ruined. You may need to file a claim for Thank You, Visit Us Again Signcompensation with the negligent property or business owner’s insurance company.

Filing your claim can be more confusing and complicated if your accident did not occur where you live. Here are the steps you will need to take if you pursue damages for an out-of-state slip and fall accident.

What Laws Will Apply to an Out-of-State Slip and Fall Claim?

The laws in the state where your slip and fall accident happened will apply to your claim. They will determine many aspects of your case, such as how long you have to file a lawsuit, the types of compensation you can recover, and how your own negligence could affect your claim.

What Steps Should You Take After an Out-of-State Slip and Fall Accident?

If you were hurt in a slip and fall accident while in another state, you will need to take the same steps you would take if your fall occurred where you live. However, it is even more crucial to take these actions right away if you were injured out of state because it may be much more difficult or impossible to take them once you return home. Here are important first steps you should take:

  • Obtain immediate medical care. Even if you do not think you were hurt, getting prompt medical treatment protects your health and avoids disputes with the insurance company over the cause of your injuries. You should be examined by a physician within 48 hours of your fall.
  • File an accident report. File an accident report with the business or property owner right after your slip and fall accident happens and obtain a copy of it. If they won’t give you one, take a picture of it with your cell phone camera.
  • Collect contact information. You should obtain the contact information for the owner, their insurance company, and any eyewitnesses to your fall.
  • Take photos. You should take photos of the accident scene that show the dangerous condition that caused you to fall and the lack of a warning sign of the danger. You need to do this right away before the owner or staff removes the hazard.
  • Obtain surveillance camera footage. If there is any surveillance camera footage that shows the location where you were injured or your accident as it occurred, you need to obtain it quickly before it is taped over or destroyed.
  • Hire a lawyer. You need to retain an experienced premises liability attorney as soon as possible to file your claim and to fight with the insurance company to obtain the compensation you deserve. You should select a lawyer in the state where your fall occurred. They will know the laws that apply to your claim and the procedures you must follow if you must file a lawsuit.

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