Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance company after my motorcycle accident?

Recording IconNo, you should not agree to give a recorded statement when you file a claim for compensation for your injuries in a motorcycle collision caused by a negligent driver. It could seriously weaken your case and give their insurance company reasons to deny your claim or offer you less money than you deserve in your settlement.

Why You Should Not Agree to a Recorded Statement

A recorded statement is a tape-recorded session where the insurance adjuster asks you questions that you answer. An adjuster may make it sound like a perfectly reasonable request and that they need as part of their investigation of your claim. However, here is why agreeing to give one is a bad idea.

You Don’t Have to Give a Recorded Statement

You are under no legal obligation to give a recorded statement. Although the insurance adjuster may claim otherwise, they can fully investigate your motorcycle accident and your injuries and settle your claim without a recorded statement from you.

You Could Make Inconsistent Statements

Even if you are trying to be completely honest, you could say something when giving a recorded statement that is inconsistent with what you told the police, your doctor, or others. One reason that the insurance adjuster wants to take your statement is to compare it with other statements you made. Inconsistent statements can be used to argue that you are not being truthful and are not a credible witness.

You Do Not Know How Serious Your Injuries Were

Because the majority of your claim is for compensation for the injuries you suffered in the motorcycle accident, the insurance adjuster would ask you questions about your injuries in your recorded statement. However, it is unlikely that you will understand how serious your injuries are so soon after your crash. The symptoms may not have developed fully, and you do not know yet if you will fully recover from your injuries.

Any statements you make in your recorded statement may not be accurate. However, the insurance adjuster could use what you say to argue that your injuries are not as severe as you claim.

Your Recorded Statement Could Be Used in Court

If you give a recorded statement to the insurance company, it would be transcribed into a written transcript. The insurance company could use your statements against you in settlement negotiations and at your jury trial.

How to Handle a Request for a Recorded Statement

Ideally, you should contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney immediately after your crash and let them handle all communications with the insurance company. However, if you speak to the insurance adjuster before you do this and they ask you to give a recorded statement, politely say no to their request and inform them that you will have your lawyer contact them. Then hire an attorney right away.

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