Who could be liable when a dog bites someone?

An Aggressive Dog on a LeashUnder Virginia dog bite laws, dog owners are liable to compensate victims if they knew or should have known their dog was dangerous or aggressive, failed to use reasonable care to control their dog, or violated a law or ordinance relating to the dog’s care. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a dog bite, other parties, in addition to the owner, could face liability. If you were injured in a dog attack, you need to identify all the responsible parties if you want to obtain the maximum recovery you are entitled to.

Parties Who May Liable in a Dog Bite Case

Even if you have a strong case against the dog owner, they may not have enough insurance to compensate you for your injuries fully. That is why it is so important to pursue claims against other liable parties if there are any. Who is liable will depend on the facts in your case. However, here are some parties who may face responsibility:

  • Dog owner. In most cases, the dog owner would be partially or fully responsible if their dog bit you.
  • Dog keeper. If someone was taking care of the dog at the time of the attack, they could face liability if they knew or should have known of the dog’s dangerous tendencies or failed to reasonably control the dog, and this caused the victim’s dog bite. Violation of a local dog ordinance could be another way to hold them liable.
  • Landlord. A landlord has a duty to protect against dangerous conditions on their property, which can include aggressive dogs. They also have a duty to regularly inspect for hazardous conditions and to take steps to protect others from these dangers. If they breach these duties, they can be liable to compensate a dog bite victim.
  • Parents. If a child under 18 years old owned or was taking care of a dog who bit you, they might not be held responsible due to their age. However, their parents could be responsible depending on the circumstances surrounding the attack.
  • Business. If the dog attack occurred on business property, the business owner might have breached their duty to protect against dangerous conditions and be an additional party to pursue a claim against.

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