We Can Help You Fight a Speeding Ticket

Where you recently pulled over and given a ticket for speeding on East Brambelton Avenue in Norfolk? Speeding tickets are a common traffic citation, and most people just go ahead and pay the fine. However, a speeding ticket is more costly than you may realize. In addition to the hefty fine, a speeding ticket may add points to your license and can trigger an increase in insurance rates.

It is not a good idea to try to fight a speeding ticket alone. An experienced traffic attorney has the knowledge and skill set it takes to fight the citation.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Some of the methods a traffic attorney may use to fight your speeding ticket are:

  • Instrument calibration – The majority of speeding tickets are issued after the police use a radar, laser, or pace clocking method to determine your speed. The officer must prove that the instrument used to determine your speed is accurate.
  • Document accuracy – When an officer cites you for speeding, he records the charges on a legal document, which must be extremely accurate. Your attorney will check for errors on this document, which may result in dropped charges.
  • Jurisdiction – The officer that cited you with the infraction must be within his jurisdiction. Issuing a citation outside of his jurisdiction may also result in the removal of the citation.


One of our skilled traffic citation lawyers can better plan your defense after talking with you to discuss the details of your specific situation. Contact us today to get started.

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