Motorcycle accidents often result in injuries that are both serious and long lasting.  Unfortunately, more often than not motorcycle/car accidents are caused by the car.  Too often drivers do not look twice for motorcycles as drivers are more concerned with their cell phones and other distractions than those around them. 

Motorcycle!  Virginia! is one group that works to prevent accidents through awareness.  Their safety campaign continues to spread the word about motorcycle awareness through their yellow "Watch for Motorcycles"  bumper stickers.   In addition, they work closely with other groups and individuals to ensure that bikers and drivers have all the resources they need to spread the word about the importance of motorcycle awareness and safety.

 As Virginia motorcycle attorneys we know that many accidents could have been prevented.  Paying better attention to the road, slowing for road conditions and maintaining your vehicle are among the best preventative measures you can take.  So whether you bike, ride or drive, please think twice before making any move in traffic.  Doing so may just save a life. 

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