Why Cars and Trucks Hit Motorcycles in Virginia

Every motorcycle rider knows to be on the lookout for inattentive car or truck drivers.  These inattentive drivers are the ones that all riders worry about, the ones who will swerve right in front of a motorcycle or cut one off to make a last-minute turn.  Sadly, even though all motorists are expected to ‘share the road’, many of them drive as though they own not only their lane but the whole darn road and highway system.


Here are some of the ways that car, truck, minivan and SUV drivers cause serious motorcycle accidents:


  1. Car and truck drivers aren’t trained to see or look for motorcycle riders, so they will inadvertently cut them off or swerve into their lane.
  2. Car and truck drivers are not good judges of distance when it comes to motorcycles, and often think that a motorcycle is further away than it really is when they’re checking their mirrors (if they check them!)
  3. Many drivers fail to check their blind spots before maneuvering, and smaller motorcycles can get lost in the blind spots of larger vehicles.
  4. Other motorists often assume that a motorcycle rider is speeding, since there is a stereotype out there that all bikers ride too fast.  This causes car and truck drivers to misjudge how soon a motorcycle will be in their area as they perform a driving maneuver (lane change, turn, etc).
  5. Inexperienced motorcycle riders sometimes leave their turn signal on as it is not self-canceling.  This can cause car or truck drivers to assume they know what a motorcycle rider is doing, which can lead to a crash.
  6. Car drivers depend on the brake lights of the vehicle in front of them to let them know when that vehicle is slowing down.  However, motorcycle riders usually use their throttle to slow down, not brakes – so there are no brake light warnings.  This can lead to rear-end accidents when inattentive drivers fail to notice that a rider has reduced their speed.


No matter what reason a driver has for hitting a motorcycle rider, it never justifies the terrible injuries that riders suffer, not to mention the damage to their motorcycle and other property.  Even worse, motorcycle accidents – especially those involving larger vehicles like SUVs or tractor trailers – can lead to the motorcyclist’s death.


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