Motorcycle! Virginia!

The project, Motorcycle!  Virginia! began in 2004 as a way to "encourage motorcycle related tourism, safety and business development in Virginia."  The project had the support of Governor Mark Warner and eventually it was officially named the Governor's Motorcycle Advisory Council.  The group has worked to not replace current motorcycle clubs and organizations, but instead to build on their efforts and provide a central clearinghouse for motorcycle related businesses and individuals.  Below you will find highlights from the Motorcycle!  Virginia! website.  Please click on any of the underlined links to visit the site directly. 

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle safety is crucial to the mission of the Governor's Council.  One of the most visible campaigns has been the yellow "Watch for Motorcycles" bumper stickers. These stickers have been given out to more than 100,000 drivers and serve as a continuous reminder to always look twice for motorcycle before making a move in traffic.  Also central to their safety campaigns are the following programs:

  • Virginia rider training program
  • Virginia licensing requirements
  • Safety tips for motorcyclists
  • Safety tips for car drivers

Great Rides

This page includes a map of Virginia's great rides.  The rides have been submitted by motorcyclists and feature not just scenic routes but biker friendly businesses and fun to ride stretches of highway.  If you have a great ride that you believe should be included on the map please submit your suggestion

Motorcycling Events in Virginia

Bikers and event organizers may submit their event here.  Current events on the site include the 4th Annual Habitat for Humanity Ride in Fredericksburg and the Virginia Poker run to benefit child abuse awareness in Virginia. 

The staff and attorneys at Tavss Fletcher hope that the information we have provided on Motorcycle! Virginia! will give you the resources you need to have a safe, enjoyable ride.  We know that though our state is a beautiful place to ride, drivers often become too distracted to watch for motorcycles.  If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Virginia ensure that you have received proper medical care and then contact an experienced, aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer at Tavss Fletcher for your free consultation.  Doing so may mean the difference between being left with overwhelming medical bills and getting the compensation you need.