Why Preserving Your Shoes Following a Slip and Fall Accident Is Important

Man Holding His Shoes That Were Worn During a Slip and FallSlip and fall accident claims are much more complicated to settle than many people realize—until they are injured in a fall. However, proving the property owner’s negligence is not easy. One key type of evidence that often becomes an issue in these cases is the shoes that the victim was wearing at the time of his fall. If you were hurt in one of these accidents, it is critical that you preserve your shoes until your claim is settled.

Why Your Shoes Are Important to Your Slip and Fall Case

The insurance company for the property owner or business may try to claim that you were totally or partially at fault in causing your fall in an effort to reduce or deny your claim. One way that they may do this is to argue about the condition of your shoes.

Not all shoes are made equally, and different types and brands of shoes provide different levels of support and traction. Some shoes, such as high heels, are more dangerous than others. The insurance adjuster could argue that the shoes that you were wearing were too worn, unsafe, or otherwise defective. He may ask to inspect your shoes before agreeing to settle your claim.

Preserving your shoes is important in case this happens in your case. In addition, an experienced slip and fall accident attorney can also use your shoes to refute these and other arguments of the insurance company by showing that they were in good condition and not inherently unsafe.

How to Preserve Your Shoes for Your Slip and Fall Claim

It is important to preserve your shoes immediately after your fall. Given the length of time it could take to settle your claim, you may forget what shoes you were wearing at the time of your accident. Here are the steps you should take to protect them:

  • Do not wear your shoes after your fall until you settle your claim.
  • Take pictures of your shoes—including the soles. Photos could become important if your shoes are lost or worn after your fall.
  • Put your shoes in a sealed plastic bag, and store them in a safe place.

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