Creating a Paper Trail to Prove Your Slip and Fall Accident Claim in Virginia

Slip and Fall Paperwork Used to Create a Paper Trail After an AccidentSlip and fall accident cases can be challenging to prove in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. However, if you want to win your case and obtain all the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries, you need to create a paper trail starting right after your fall. This will help your experienced premises liability attorney determine if you have a claim and to obtain the evidence you need to successfully go up against the negligent property owner or business.

Documents You Should Collect When Creating a Paper Trail

When you create a paper trail, you document everything you can related to your slip and fall accident and your injuries. Here are ways to do this:

  • Accident report. You should file an accident report immediately after your fall and obtain a copy of it. This puts the business or property owner on notice of your claim and helps prove that your slip and fall accident happened.
  • Photographs and video. You should take pictures of the scene of your fall, any hazards that caused your accident, and your injuries. You should also obtain any surveillance video that recorded your fall.
  • Journal. Keep a journal documenting how the slip and fall accident occurred, who was present, any communications with the property or business owner or their insurance company, and your injuries. You should also document your pain level, activities you can perform, doctor appointments, and medical treatment in your journal.
  • Insurance documents. You should keep copies of any claims forms you complete, the insurance policy, and any communications you have with the insurance adjuster.
  • Medical records. You must document the seriousness of your injuries, your medical treatments and their cost, and your prognosis for a full recovery. Save your bills and your medical records. You also need to be sure that your documentation shows that you attended all medical appointments and followed your doctor’s advice about treating your slip and fall accident injuries.
  • Wage losses. Collect your paystubs and documentation of your sick and vacation time, commissions, bonuses, and other job perks to prove the compensation you should receive for the wage loss portion of your claim.
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