Don’t Believe These Myths About Slip and Fall Accident Claims

Cleaning Up a Spill on a Grocery Store FloorYou could suffer serious injuries in a slip and fall accident, such as broken bones, back and neck injuries, spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the negligent property owner or business. If you must file a claim with their insurance company, it is important to understand the myths about these cases that you do not want to be fooled by.

Myth #1: You Should Not Go to the Doctor Unless You Suffer Serious Injuries

Many accident victims are embarrassed if they slip and fall and may decide to tough it out if they have “minor” injuries. However, some injuries, such as back, neck, and spinal injuries, internal injuries, and head injuries, may not be apparent for days or longer after a fall. It is important to seek medical treatment right away before the injury becomes more serious or even life-threatening. In addition, by doing this, you avoid disputes with the insurance company about the cause of your injuries.

Myth #2: Slip and Fall Accident Victims Are Greedy

There is a misconception that slip and fall accident claims are frivolous and that the people who file them do so because they are greedy. While this may be true in a few cases, the reality is that people who fall can suffer life-altering injuries that require long-term medical treatment and limit their ability to work and take care of their families.

Myth #3: You Have a Right to Compensation From the Property Owner If You Fall

If you slip and fall at another’s property, this does not automatically give you a right to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering from the owner. The business or property owner is only liable if his negligence was the cause of your fall. When filing a claim, you have the burden of proving this.

Myth #4: You Should Settle Your Claim Quickly

The insurance company for the negligent party may try to convince you to settle your claim quickly. While you may be anxious to receive your settlement proceeds, you most likely would be accepting far less than you are entitled to if you settle your case soon after your fall.

It is important to wait until you reach your maximum medical improvement before resolving your claim. This is the point in your medical treatment where you have fully recovered or recovered as much as you will. You cannot know the amount of your future medical bills and lost wages that should be included in your settlement until you reach this stage.

Myth #5: You Do Not Need a Lawyer

You may be tempted to resolve your claim on your own to avoid paying attorney fees. However, it is not easy to prove the owner’s negligence in slip and fall accident cases. In addition, the insurance company and their attorney will be looking for ways to deny or reduce your claim. You would be at a serious disadvantage if you do not retain an experienced slip and fall accident attorney to protect your legal rights and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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