Woman Injured After Bicycle Accident Dragged Her 15 Feet

Posted on Mar 15, 2014

A bicyclist was struck by an SUV and sustained serious injuries after being dragged down the road in an incident Thursday afternoon.

The victim of the accident—who has not been identified by name—is expected to survive the injuries sustained but is considered to be in serious condition.

The accident took place at approximately 8:10 a.m. on Thursday at the intersection of Monument Avenue and N. Mulberry Street in Richmond’s Fan District.

A Honda SUV struck the victim as it headed south on Mulberry Street. The driver of the SUV stopped at a stop sign. According to Richmond police, the driver was blinded by the sun while attempting to look for oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

“This is not the first accident as a result of sun glare,” said Sgt. David Selander of the Richmond Police. “I guess the sun is rising perfectly to the east, and drivers can’t see very well.”

After striking the bicyclist, the SUV dragged the female victim about 15 feet into the middle of Monument Avenue. Pieces of the victim’s bicycle helmet could be seen across the road.

Witnesses to the accident rushed to the aid of the victim, lifted the SUV, and pulled the cyclist out. “They managed to actually push the vehicle up a little bit and slid the bicyclist out and the ambulance and police arrived on scene,” said Selander

“I think it’s kind of miraculous that those people were there and responded like that,” said Julian Pozzi, who lives nearby.

The accident is currently under investigation by the authorities. Witnesses are urged to contact the police with their account.

We wish the accident victim a quick and complete recovery.

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