Two Injured in Virginia Beach Car Accident Involving Nine Cars

Posted on Nov 29, 2013

A Virginia Beach car accident causing a total of nine cars to be damaged led to the arrest of a 22-year-old man on Tuesday, October 29.

The accident occurred in the 5000 block of Cleveland Street.

The incident began as a police officer attempted to stop a vehicle for fictitious tags on Virginia Beach Blvd near Aragona Boulevard. According to the police, the vehicle was driven by Kasheim Ra’Shawn Bryant.

As the police attempted to stop Bryant he sped off and turned onto Cleveland Street. According to police, the officer did not pursue Bryant and this was not a police pursuit.

Shortly after speeding off Bryant’s car spun out of control and eventually collided with a Toyota 4Runner and a Ford Taurus. The vehicles were headed eastbound on Cleveland Street.

After colliding with the two vehicles, Bryant continued to drive away. He then struck two more vehicles that were parked. He eventually came to rest after colliding with a third parked car that was pushed into another vehicle.

There were two other vehicles that sustained damage by flying debris. This brought the total of nine vehicles that were involved in the Virginia Beach car crash.

After Bryant’s vehicle finally stopped he attempted to run away. His attempt to run was short lived as one witness stopped and held him until the police arrived.

Two people involved in the accident were taken to a local hospital for treatment. The victims were released from the hospital shortly after receiving treatment.

Bryant was charged with Felony Eluding Police, Driving with Suspended or Revoked Operator’s License and Fictitious Plates.

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